Last night we got a little snow (!), so today’s journey to Navarre Beach started off chilly. Nancy met me at a small parking lot in Navarre Beach, which is a small tourist area on the beach and Santa Rosa Sound. I dropped my car here, and she shuttled me back to the Yellow River Trailhead.

The start to my second-to-last day wasn’t great. I took a wrong turn almost immediately, and then was faced with a huge pile of bramble. I managed to get over it with some difficulty, only to realize a few minutes later that I was missing my sunglasses. They must have dropped off while I was attempting to get over/around the bramble. I considered going back to get them, but who knew if I’d even find them? And I didn’t want to tangle with the bramble again, so onward I marched.

The day became sunny and pleasant. But then a group of dirt bikers roared up the path straight at me. They stopped and the lead guy said they didn’t realize this was a hiking-only path. Yeah, sure. There are only a gazillion signs saying this trail is for foot traffic only, and there were no tire marks on it. But I didn’t want to tangle with them, so I just smiled and hiked on.

Making a Beeline for Navarre Beach

Eventually, the trail crosses SR 87 and, after a few more miles, joins it for the urban hike into Navarre. Somewhere in there it leaves Eglin Air Force Base. The hike into Navarre wasn’t exciting, but the trail eventually takes you to Santa Rosa Sound. There is a nice bathroom and picnic spot here, which I took advantage of to enjoy a snack and use the restroom. It was odd to be looking at green grass and palm trees, and also see them festooned with Christmas decorations! Well, it was an odd sight for someone from the Great White North!

My final leg today was crossing the bridge into Navarre, then hiking a few miles to my car. Can’t believe tomorrow is it! And yet, I’m ready. The holidays are nearing, and I have to rejoin my family.


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