Border Route Trail 2019

  • Minnesota Day 21: BRT Eastern Terminus to Portage Brook (6/17/2019) - Last June, I hiked the 315-mile Superior Hiking Trail (SHT), which is also part of the North Country Trail. It ends in the middle of the woods near the Canadian border. Right where it ends, the 65-mile Border Route Trail begins.
  • Minnesota Day 22: Portage Brook to Pine Lake (6/18/2019) - Last night it wasn’t enough to be at a crappy campsite near the Boundary Waters. It had to rain three times, too! The last was around 4:30 a.m., so I knew I’d be packing up a wet tent. Rats. 
  • Minnesota Day 23: Pine Lake to Clearwater Lake (6/19/2019) - I’m writing this in my tent alongside Clearwater Lake. I’m trying to enjoy the haunting cries of the loons, but there are so many mosquitoes buzzing outside it sounds like a massive hive full of angry bees.
  • Minnesota Day 24: Clearwater Lake to Sock Lake (6/20/2019) - I slept in until 6:30 — yikes! But the guys were in no hurry to head out for Sock Lake, so we went about our chores and hit the trail at 8:30. The first several miles were just as the Alaska couple told us they'd be. First we had lots of mud and mosquitoes, but then we hit this lovely stretch called “The Longest Portage.”
  • Minnesota Day 25: Sock Lake to BRT Western Terminus (6/21/2019) - The bulk of the campsites along the Border Route Trail are in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). There aren't many between the Western Terminus and the western end of the BWCAW. 


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