It was 58 and gray when I started out on the trail toward Jr. Walton Pond. And the forecast called for rain and falling temps. This was a bummer, because the last two weeks of hiking, I’ve had nothing but temps in the upper 70s and mostly sunny skies. 

Luckily, the rain ended up being mostly sprinkles on and off during the day. But it was a little cooler than I anticipated. So I could have used thicker gloves and my hand warmers. Plus my coat. Still, it was fine.

Plugging Away Toward Jr. Walton Pond

Eglin continued to be lovely, with many areas full of deer moss – it kind of looked like snow. In addition, the deciduous trees and pines were quite scenic, and it was fun crossing all of the creeks. The boardwalks were all quite slippery, though, due to the rain.

Nancy had dropped me off in the morning, then headed to the western end later in the day to hike in and meet me. So I had wonderful company the last few hours of my hike. We saw an oak snake (Nancy identified it for me) and a few more of those awful banana spiders.

It began raining steadily during our last 30 minutes of hiking. Not bad!


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