View of bridge over Potomac near Little Pool.
I wasn’t super stoked for today’s hike, as it was supposed to be hot and humid as I made my way to the Little Pool campsite. And with so many campsite pumps being out of operation, I had no idea what I’d be facing. But first, a look at last night.

I spent most of the afternoon/evening working on these trail journals at Bay Farms, my great B&B in Williamsport.I tried to pick up some new Smart Water bottles, but the local convenience store didn’t carry them. (They pair with my Sawyer water filter.) Unfortunately, there was no time to visit with the nice people (cyclists) also staying over here, although most of them were old college friends, so they probably preferred to catch up with one another.

Although I’d hoped to be out the door by 8, I didn’t get started Man fishing on rocky shoal near dam.until 8:30. The morning wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t too warm out yet and my weighty pack didn’t seem so heavy. That changed quickly enough!

Heading Toward Little Pool

After hiking two hours, the skies clouded over and it got cooler. That was a welcome break! I decided that yesterday’s malaise was caused by dehydration, so I made sure to drink every mile. But then I started hitting pumps that were out of service, which got worrisome.

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View of red and white lock house on C&O Canal Towpath.
While the scenery was much the same today, there were some interesting spots featuring rough, craggy cliffs. There was a cool dam, and in one spot the path was suddenly on the far side of the canal instead of in between the Potomac and the old canals. A lot of interpretive signs talk about major escapes by the Confederate forces during the Civil War that occurred by crossing the Potomac. I always forget Maryland was a Union state.

There were far fewer people out on the path today, although cyclists regularly pedaled past. Most appear to be retirees.

Little Pool: Positives and Negatives

Slogged into the Little Pool campsite around 5 p.m. My biggest fear was realized: no handle on the pump, meaning the water is bad. I’d SO looked forward to soaking my body under a cold stream of water! I was so sweaty from the awful weather.Two couples in a canoe on a pond.

These campsites generally have access to the Potomac, but often require navigating a steep, muddy, downhill slope. The same was true here. I did find an alternative route that was a little better, although it required climbing over/balancing on tree roots. Still, I was able to wash up a little. I think I’ll have to filter this water for tomorrow.

Tonight I actually have a strong WiFi signal at my campsite, so I can post this trail journal entry on time (woo hoo!). I even was able to FaceTime with Ed. Nervous for tomorrow, which is a 23-mile (+37 km) day, which includes hiking up and over a steep mountain because the normal route through the Paw Paw Tunnel is under construction. Rats.


Today’s Miles: 20.8 (33.5 km)
PHT Miles to Date: 501.8 (807.6 km)
PHT Miles to Go: =248.2 (399.4 km)

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