Today’s goal was to make it through Portage Canal along the Eastern Bifurcation. But ah, these blisters are so annoying! A very minor blister on my heel, which hasn’t bothered me at all before, decided it didn’t want to be encased in a running shoe today. So what to do? Luckily, I had my Keen sandals with me – sandals with a hole right where that blister was. I wore them all day, even when running, and they performed admirably. And my blister thanked them.

Today was mostly cloudy and cool, although the sun broke through near the end of the day. While the John Muir segment was short, it very pretty, running around Lake Ennis. The trail also showcased lots of pretty prairie and remnants of a rare oak savanna.

The Marquette Trail ran along a hilly bank above the Fox River. The views along this path were gorgeous (see photos), although the footing was a bit tricky (the “bank” was marshy vegetation). The trail here also crossed 21 bridges/boardwalks, which was fun.

Made It Thought Portage Canal!

When I reached Portage Canal, it consisted mainly of a gravel path along the canal. Then it switched to a bike path in town. Both were very easy to run and hike.

I ran into two section hikers today, a novelty. And Ed and I saw innumerable cranes along the lengthy connecting route. A local told Ed she thinks they’re gathering for their flight south. They’re such cool birds, sort of prehistoric looking (and sounding). Can’t forget to mention a decent sized buck clattered across the road this morning, right as I was starting.

Last night we stayed at Bowman’s Oak Hill B&B in Wisconsin Dells. The innkeepers are warm and friendly, our bed was quite comfy and the food was great.

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