Sunday, March 10, 2019

Why do I keep losing things? Last night I realized I didn’t have my vest. It’s my only coat, really. I have the requisite puffy coat for around camp and wearing to bed when it’s cold. But for chilly mornings on the trail, I have my vest. It’s brand new and replaces one I’d had for about a decade. Somewhere around Kentucky Camp, I lost it. No clue what I did. But some guy named Matt found it, I learned tonight. I wonder if there’s any way I can get it back …

But I digress. Today I took my time at camp in the morning. I only had about 15 miles to hike, so no rush. Plus, I knew the day’s hike was easy, compared to the previous days. The first part of the hike was a lot of ups and downs — no surprise there. At one point I panicked when I checked the Guthook app and it said I was 3.3 miles from the trail. WHAT?! There had been a turn earlier; did I go the wrong way? Would I now add 6.6 miles to what should have been a short day? Thankfully, it must have been a satellite glitch. After looking at it three or four times, it suddenly said I was on the trail. Phew!

Arizona TrailWildflowers

The flowers are starting to bloom along the trail. Maybe some are weeds and not wildflowers; I don’t know. But they sure are pretty and I love the greenery and pops of color.

Sometime late morning, the trail began a long, gentle descent down to the road below. It was fun to see the path winding downhill before me, and the mountain views were lovely.

Sandy, a trail angel, picked me up with her dog, Desi. She is a wonderful host, She actually ran me a bath with this wonderful eucalyptus epsom salt gloriousness in it, let me do my laundry and then made me a great taco dinner. And get this — she used to live in Sun Prairie, where I live! What a bizarre coincidence. I kind of don’t want to leave tomorrow, but I must.

As I was folding laundry tonight, I’m not seeing my warm sleeping shirt. There is NO WAY it got left at camp or fell out of my stuff sack while hiking. I feel like I’m going crazy with losing things. Sandy is in bed now, so I can’t check the washer or dryer or clothesline. It had better be one of those places!


P.S. Guess I passed the 100-mile mark today!

15.5 miles 
109.6 miles to date
690.4 miles to go


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