Lake on Florida Trail with trees on opposite side and clouds in sky reflected in water. Lake near SR 65.Today’s destination: SR 65. In the morning, I bandaged up my poor, blistered heels and put on my hiking boots. That felt much better! Still, I wondered how those heels would feel after a day of hiking? There was only one way to find out. Start hiking!

The first few miles en route to SR 65 were a bit scruffy, but then the trail became just lovely – wonderful footing and beautiful scenery. The best part of the day was having lunch lakeside at beautiful Bonnet Lake. There was even a bench there.

As the day wore on, the temperature neared 80, but it wasn’t too humid. And just as it was getting too hot, it cooled off. That’s the perk of hiking at this time of year.


Almost at SR 65

Near the end of the day, I had 2.4 miles left of trail, then three miles on SR 65. Sadly, things devolved from here. The trail was actually recently trimmed, which was great. Except it was some kind of prairie land. If you’ve hiked on prairie before, it’s very lumpy and bumpy. The path was all that, plus had lots of roots. What this meant was that your feet slipped and slid from side to side, which for me equated to more hot spots and blisters. I was happy to reach SR 65 and hike on the highway!

Tonight I drove to new lodgings in Marianna. En route I passed through Blountstown, which is on the FT and has very pretty Christmas decorations. I loved their lighted Polar Express!


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