We got a late start today for various reasons, so I didn’t start walking today until 9:40 a.m. It was another hot, breezy day. The humidity wasn’t too bad.

Today’s 25-mile hike was all on roads. Now, many people hate road walks. I don’t necessarily. Well, I don’t care for hikes on busy highways. But quieter roads are fine.

I started off on 419 and then Nova Road. Both roads had steady traffic, but it was light. I decided to make the hike fun by seeing what I could find along the shoulder/grass where I was walking. Here are some of the things I spied.

Five work gloves, one fancy glove, one purple elastic glove and one fancy plastic glove
One pair of coral swim trunks
A paintbrush
Three hardcover library books. One was a neat how-to-sketch-kids book.
A turtle
A raptor
A dead turkey
A dead black snake with its mouth open
A dead red-on-yellow, kill-a-fellow snake (coral?)
A dead possum
A Starbucks cup (Starbucks patrons don’t usually litter)
A really, really long clump of string/rope
I forget everything else, but it was an interesting way to pass the day.

The last 6.6 miles were along a busy state highway, and that was not too pleasant. The wind died down and I was frying in the sun, no matter how much sunscreen I applied. As soon as Ten-Miler drove up and I got my sun umbrella, it got windy again and the wind turned it inside out.

My final mile was along sleepy Yates Road, which led into the start of the Tosohatchee State Preserve. I’m really excited to hike there tomorrow, although Sandra Friend said there’s been a tick and chigger hatching. I’ll have to start off in my bug suit and see how bad it is.

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