Today was a historic day for me re: long-distance hiking. I like to just hike every day and not return home until I’m finished. But I decided to go home today because my husband and I purchased season tickets to a musical series playing at Madison’s Overture Center. Tonight was “Newsies,” the musical I most wanted to see. So I hiked an abbreviated day.

Started out in Grandfather Falls, trying to walk the creek to the end of the school forest path. Take the long way around! The creek was covered with downed trees and it wasn’t the easy walk I’d anticipated.

The falls area itself was beautiful. Ran into a guy foraging for mushrooms; he was excited because he’d just found a poisonous one. Yikes!

Got through Turtle Rock, but there wasn’t enough time for me to hike Averill-Kelly, so we jumped ahead and I hiked a short connecting route. Then it was home for “Newsies.” It was great!

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