Today I dubbed the Day of the Spider Webs. Ugh. The entire morning’s hike was rather unpleasant because every 30 seconds or so I walked into those spider web things that wrap themselves across your face, neck and/or arms. When I’d stop to eat a snack, I’d see them draped all over my backpack, too. It was just so unpleasant, it kind of ruined the morning.

I popped out of the forest and onto connecting road routes around noon. But it was about 86 degrees by then and I was out in full sun. I used the hiking sun umbrella my kids got me, but when I had it tilted a bit (it was windy) it caused me to miss a blaze/turn/ and I went .75 miles out of my way before realizing it, so I logged an extra 1.5 miles.

Luckily things got better after that. I went through Randy Madison’s little backyard camp, which was lovely. And then I began the Suwannee River section, which was quite beautiful. 

I intended to end the day at Little Shoals trailhead, but my shuttle couldn’t find it so I hiked another 1.2 miles on up to the highway on the outskirts of White Springs.


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