A decent day for hiking. It was cloudy/foggy in the morning, so I didn’t get the best look at the Ahnapee rail-trail; the section I was on is said to be some of the most scenic rail-trail in the state. Rats.

From there it was a long connecting route to Tisch Mills. A huge group of bikers went past, which was fun to watch. 

Tisch Mills was the same. The northern section was overgrown, while the southern slice was quite pretty. Despite the sign telling me wading was safer than walking on the rocks, I walked on the rocks because they were so flat and the water calm. But the rocks had lots of moss on them, and sure enough I slipped and got wet. Ha! Served me right. 

Oh — there is now a nice sign on Hwy. B identifying the Tisch Mills segment for eastbound hikers. I remember struggling to figure out where the segment started when I was hiking west-east. 

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