Wild daffodils along the Natchez Trace Parkway near Dogwood Mudhole.
Oh, what a day reaching Dogwood Mudhole! Actually, that wasn’t the main problem. So, Amy and I are both suffering from tendinitis. She decided to take the day off. I was going to do the same, then dive back into 20-mile (32.2-km) days. 

But the more I thought about it, it didn’t seem smart. Better to add a day to our itinerary and hike fewer miles each day. So I began the day hiking 4.3 miles (6.9 km) from Sweetwater Branch, I think it was, to Dogwood Mudhole. When my leg felt OK, if a little sore, I added another 4 miles (6.4 km). Then I went back to our cottage to rest and ice my leg.

Stupid Weather

The weather forecast kept changing by the minute. First it was supposed to rain all day, then not rain during the day, then rain on and off. It got quite sunny while I was resting and icing my leg, so I was heartened. Then, as I got ready to hike 4 more miles (6.4 km), it got gloomy and the forecast called for rain.

I went out anyway, and shortly after starting it poured and I got soaked. I dried out after a while, but as I neared the end it poured again and I got soaked again. Sigh! But I did spy some amazing wildflowers out here, like these wild daffodils.

Back at the Cottage 

On a positive note, Amy and I had fun tonight, with great food (well, for camping!) and conversation. We’re bummed about the tendinitis and rain, but we will persevere!


Natchez Trace Miles Today: 12.3 (19.8 km)
NT Miles Overall: 368.3 (592.7km)
NT Miles To Go: 75.7 (121.8 km)

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A good book on the Natchez Trace is Nashville to New Orleans Road Tripa Moon guide by Meg Littman that includes info on the Trace.

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