I showed up at Unity’s front door shortly after 7 a.m. The earliest I could be seen was 10:20. The doctor said I could have cellulitis once again, although this reddish, hot area on the bottom of my foot could just be damaged tissue from so much hiking. She wasn’t sure, so she prescribed antibiotics just in case.

Got on the road shortly before noon. It had been rainy in the morning, but the day turned out sunny, warm and beautiful. I love the countryside around Lodi. It’s some of the most beautiful in the state. Picked up some free tomatoes a farmer was giving away — nice!

The Lodi Marsh segments are some of my favorites; they were beautiful, as always. I also like walking through Lodi. Ended the day with a nice walk through Groves-Pertzborn. My feet appreciated an 18-mile day!

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