Arizona TrailFriday, April 12, 2019

Another frigid night, but I used my system with the emergency blanket and I stayed warm all night — and no moisture on my quilt!

Quick note: I’ve heard planes almost every night on this trail, but tonight the planes and helicopters were almost nonstop. I’m assuming they’re for Grand Canyon tours. It’s just so odd to be in the wilderness and hear aircraft. 

Anyway, back to the day’s hike, With rain possible, I had my fastest breaking-camp time ever: 1:07. I really booked down the trail the first hour, then began to relax. The weather was cold but sunny. A great day!


And then, three hours into my hike, it began to snow. Luckily it was snowing dry pellets. They bounced off my pants and vest, and I brushed them off my arms every minute or two, since my shirt would have absorbed moisture. The snow lasted over an hour, and the trail got muddy in places,  but rain would have been so much worse. I was grateful.

Made it into Tusayan around 1, I think. Had to crawl under a barbed wire fence to get into town because the trail goes under the highway and is bounded by barbed wire. Of course my motel was the farthest from the trail. 


But no matter. I had an awesome shower and, while doing my laundry, met a couple from Sheboygan, my hometown! I figured the guy was from Wisconsin Arizona Trailbecause he had a strong accent. They were very nice.

Later, I was walking out the motel door to grab a new pair of sunglasses and some Epsom salts when it began to snow/hail. Forget it! I got sunglasses from the motel gift shop and had dinner in the pub. I’ve had enough of this crazy weather! 


I should have taken my motel time and planned more for my last week of hiking, but I needed a break. I did buy a new ebook to read in my tent, and realized I could download all sorts of podcasts for free on my phone, so I did that. 

Tomorrow I’ll try to get my Grand Canyon camping permit, then hike the 8 or so miles in between my motel and the park. With a very light pack on my back! 

So glad to be clean and in a bed tonight.


16.4 miles today
635.7 miles to date
164.3 miles to go

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