The Arizona Trail runs through the Grand Canyon. So if you decide to do a thru-hike of the Arizona Trail, or AZT, one bonus is that you’ll get to hike down to the floor of the canyon and back out again. I was fortunate enough to hike the AZT in the spring of 2019, and so I got to hike through the canyon. It was an incredible experience! 

But you don’t have to be hiking the AZT in order to explore the Grand Canyon. Any visitor can hike here for a few hours or a few days. Unfortunately, the vast majority of visitors to this natural wonder simply view it from up top. If you visit this popular vacation spot, and have the time and physical ability to hike down into it – even just a little way – I guarantee it’s totally worth it.

Some words of wisdom: Take plenty of water. Snacks help, too. And don’t go when it’s hot out.



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