Valentine’s Day is around the corner. If you need to find a cool gift for your honey – who loves hiking, backpacking and camping – here are some great ideas, both practical and fun.

MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Mini Stove Kit
I’ve got this pocket rocket stove, and it’s lightweight and easy to use. I don’t have the stove kit, however, and wish I did. The kit comes with a pot with an insulated grip. That’s super helpful, because I’ve burned my hands one too many times when I tried to pick up my titanium pot and forgot the handle would be hot. Another time I tried wrapping my synthetic towel around my hand for protection and the heat melted the towel. Oops! Clearly, I need this pot to go with my pocket rocket.

Portable Folding Stool
Nothing signals Valentine’s Day love better than a portable folding stool. Even if it’s not the most romantic gift, your love will appreciate being able to easily pop a squat on this lightweight and adjustable portable folding stool by Go, Comma. It’s easy to carry, too.

Fire Starters
When you’re not facing an emergency, it’s fun to use these eco-friendly fire starters to light your campfire. They’re made with crushed pine cones (from the Pacific Northwest, no less), recycled ground espresso beans and all natural recycled soy wax. You can’t get much greener than that!

Trekking Poles
If your guy isn’t using trekking poles yet, he should be. And these carbon wonders by Black Diamond are great because they’re lightweight, durable and break down into three sections for ease of transport. I’ve got a pair and wouldn’t swap them for anything.

Multipurpose Spork
I love the spork I purchased from REI, but it’s just a combo fork and spoon. This stainless steel beauty also functions as a knife, bottle opener and can opener. Clearly, I need to upgrade!

More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Hand-forged Ax
So maybe you don’t always need an ax when hiking, backpacking or camping. But sometimes you do. And this hand-forged, Medieval-styled ax is pretty darn cool. Its carbon steel blade is decorative, so when you’re not using it in the woods, it can double as a piece of artwork in your home.

Monocular Telescope
This 40 x 60 monoscope lets you easily check out your surroundings. It’s waterproof and anti-fog, plus has high-definition imaging and night vision. Bonus: It’s easy to use!

Personalized Pocket Knife
Many guys like knives. So why not treat your sweetheart to a personalized, engraved pocket knife with a folding blade? These compact beauties are stylish and high quality to boot.

Flood Light
This multipurpose light works as a flashlight and working light with four brightness modes. It also doubles as a power bank. It’s perfect for backpacking and camping trips. Because who likes stumbling around in the dark? And headlamps don’t always emit enough light.

Dry Bags
There are loads of dry bags on the market, but these get extra props because they’re crafted from a resilient vinyl and aren’t sewn or glued, which helps ensure longevity.

Emergency Paracord Bracelet
Sometimes, despite our best plans, things go awry. This manly Atomic Bear paracord bracelet (pack of 2) breaks down into a fire starter, emergency knife, compass, whistle and 12 feet of military-grade paracord.

Disclosure: This entry contains affiliate links (among regular links) to products I own and like, or which I think you might like. This means that, at no extra cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


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