PIng-pong table covered in hiking food for Valderi returns to the Ice Age Trail
When I finished my thru-run/hike of the Ice Age Trail in October 2013, I knew there would be a day when I could triumphantly proclaim, “Valderi returns!” For the minute I touched the eastern terminus marker in Potawatomi State Park, I was seized with the desire to thru-hike the trail all over again, this time heading east to west. And I didn’t want to wait a long time to do it, either.

So here I am two years later, preparing another thru-hike. I’m dreadfully unorganized this time, having had a very busy year work-wise. Yet I’m confidant I’ll be fine. I love the trail, and the trail loves me.
A week from today I’ll be heading to Sturgeon Bay, where I’ll spend the night before striking out bright and early on Saturday morning, Aug. 29, with my wonderful hubby, Ed, crewing me the first two days. My main goal on this trip is to avoid contracting cellulitis on the bottoms of my feet as I did last time (ouch)!
The photo here shows the food and gear I’m gathering together. You need a lot to power you along for 1,100 miles (1,770 km) on the Ice Age Trail! I’m so happy. Yes, Valderi returns!
Melanie, aka Valderi

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