These days, whenever I travel I’ve always got company: Buddy, the SATW traveling teddy. Much like that paper dude, Flat Stanley, Buddy goes with me whenever I leave home. He gets to explore interesting places all over the globe, takes lots of photos and writes about his experiences to kids in two classrooms: the first graders in Mrs. Marsha Herman’s class at West Side Elementary in Sun Prairie, and the second graders in Mr. Tim McManus’ class at Sherman Elementary in Eau Claire. After my travels, Buddy and I usually visit the classrooms in person, and answer questions the kids have. Sometimes Buddy brings them little gifts from his travels: pencils, candy, a CD of local music, etc.

To date Buddy has been with me to Spain, Wales, Wisconsin’s new “Schooner Coast” along Lake Michigan and Sacramento/Sonoma California. Once the 2013-14 school year starts, he’ll be telling his new student-friends about his summer travels to Arkansas, and then they’ll start following him along the Ice Age Trail with me. Buddy and I are both excited about our upcoming adventure.

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