The Superior Hiking Trail lures a wide variety of people to its meandering path. And actually, all trails sing siren songs to attract people. But who answers those calls? This is what is so interesting.

For you can’t stereotype hikers. For trekkers are an incredibly diverse lot. When I was hiking the Florida Trail, I met another writer, a college professor, a man who used to ride the rails (yes, a hobo) and an accountant. On the Arizona Trail, I hiked with a software engineer, retired chemistry professor, long-haul trucker and a college grad who was going to teach English as a second language in Japan. During my treks along Spain’s Camino, I met hikers from Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea and Great Britain.

Superior Reasons for Hiking

So what are all of us seeking out here? Again, the reasons vary. Some people simply like being in nature. Others say hiking relieves stress. More than a few people I’ve met are recovering from addictions to alcohol, cigarettes or drugs and find hiking helps keep them sober. Many hikers enjoy the challenge of pushing themselves physically or exploring new locales. Some are competitive and like to check another trail off of their list.

And me? Well, I hike for so many reasons. Probably most of the reasons I just listed. Hiking takes me to new, beautiful locales. It allows me to drink in the restorative power of nature. It relieves my stress and anxieties. I can be competitive with myself and set, then reach, goals. Now, it’s part of my work. So I also hike to bring the joy of trekking to others, like you.

You’ll Fit in Just Fine

Not sure if you’re a hiker? Go out and give it a try! While you can buy all sorts of superior hiking clothing and gear, you don’t need to. No one will care what you wear or what kind of water bottle you’re carrying. Figure out what makes sense for you, and then hit the trail. There is no right or wrong way to hike (not counting how to be safe!).

So find a trail and start walking. You’ll soon discover what works for you re: pace, type of trail, gear, etc. But just remember – the trail has a way of seducing you. Once you start hiking, you might not be able to stop.

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