Sundara Inn & Spa is consistently ranked one of America’s top destination spas. The spa sits in 90 wooded acres in the Wisconsin Dells area. In 2018, Sundara unveiled a major renovation and expansion that added new suites, a saltwater pool and loads of wellness activities.

If you’ve never escaped to Sundara but enjoy treating yourself to a spa, I highly encourage a trip. I first visited this peaceful sanctuary in 2003, shortly after it opened. It’s rather an anomaly in Wisconsin Dells, which is home to thrilling waterslides, roaring speedboats and all sorts of crazy (but fun) attractions. Yet incredibly, once you’re on-site, you’re secluded from the noise, lights and Vegas-like atmosphere found less than a mile away. So you can come here to escape the stress of daily life, or you can enjoy the high-energy Dells for a while, then tuck in at Sundara to de-stress.

Highlights of Sundara Inn & Spa

Like any successful entity, Sundara is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its visitors. Today, in 2019, that means offerings and amenities for people interested in unplugging from technology, eating healthy foods, exercising, immersing themselves in nature and enjoying rejuvenating spa treatments.

So cell phone usage isn’t allowed here, for example, to foster a peaceful atmosphere. And people are asked to speak in soft voices. Sundara Inn & Spa also offers a variety of fitness classes, yoga, cooking classes and more to encourage healthy living.

In addition, the grounds contain a few miles of walking trails, plus a meditation trail, hammock retreat and woodland reflection room, where you will likely spot deer and other wildlife. Guests are encouraged to walk around in the fluffy robes and comfy slippers provided, too. Because, after all, you’re here to relax.

While tasty, healthy meals can be had on-site at Nava, Sundara’s restaurant, a chauffeur is also available to drive you to areas on the Sundara “campus”: Sarento’s Italian Restaurant, Field’s at the Wilderness and Monk’s Bar & Grille.

Relaxation on the Cheap

One of the things I like best about Sundara Inn & Spa is that it’s not all about the spa services. Yes, they’re wonderful to experience. But if you need a break and are short on cash, you can stay at Sundara and still feel pampered. A stay includes access to its two pool areas, plus its popular “purifying bath ritual.” During the bathing experience, you first scrub and exfoliate your body with an aromatic body polish. Next, you spray yourself with a soothing body mist, then experience a steam room followed by a rainfall shower. The bathing ritual ends with alternating dips into a hot tub infused with essential oils and a cool plunge pool.

Incidentally, Sundara Inn & Spa is also near the Ice Age Trail. During my two thru-hikes, I made sure to stay here when I was in the area. It’s a great reward for strenuous hikes!

My top recommended gear for a trip to Sundara: Comfy slippers or sandals. Sundara has slippers for all guests, but they’re the flimsy kind. And if you walk all over in your robe and slippers, which most people do, they’re not supportive enough. I love these Hoka Recovery Sandals, which are definitely supportive! 

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