Snowshoer crossing wooden bridge on Timm's Hill Trail
The answer to a common trivia question in Wisconsin is Timm’s Hill. That’s the highest point in the state, at 1,951.5 feet. But many Wisconsinites think our highest point is Rib Mountain (1,923 feet), a popular skiing spot.

As a hiker, here’s what I love about Timm’s Hill: it’s the very first official side trail to a National Scenic Trail. This designation was proclaimed in 1990 by Secretary of the Interior Manuel Luján. Yes, our 10-mile Timm’s Hill Trail is a spur off of the Ice Age Trail. And it heads northbound to Timm’s Hill, where you can climb an observation tower for what are supposed to be wonderful views. I’ve only hiked (actually, snowshoed) this trail once. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day. So although I climbed the tower when I reached it, I really couldn’t see much.

Timm’s Hill a Fun Trek

Nevertheless, this is a really enjoyable hike, whether as a hike in the spring/summer/fall or snowshoeing or skiing in the winter. The trail is hilly, but nothing too extreme. It’s gorgeous. When you reach the Timm’s Hill area, have lunch at Hill of Beans (the panini sandwiches are especially good!). They also rent cabins.

A sign at the southern terminus, which intersects with the Ice Age Trail near Rib Lake, proclaims this as part of the National Trails System. So hike it if you’re in the area. You’ll be part of history.

My top recommended gear for snowshoeing: Northern Lites snowshoes. These are super light and incredible. I recently switched from Atlas and won’t go back.

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