Candlelight snowshoeing through the woods, but not Horicon Marsh.
Wisconsin’s  Horicon Marsh is one of the largest freshwater cattail marshes in the nation. Some 300 bird species have been spotted here, and the marsh is a popular migration pit stop for 250,000 of our feathered friends.

Every January, the marsh hosts a candlelight hike or snowshoe, depending on the snowfall. You can read what that’s like in this article. Hint: It can be cold, but definitely worthwhile!

What to Do at Horicon Marsh

You might not think to visit a marsh in the dead of winter. It wasn’t my initial thought, for sure. But it’s actually pretty darn cool to be tromping along the marsh’s dike road, frozen cattails sticking their heads above the snow, in boots or snowshoes. You won’t see as many birds as you do during the rest of the year, it’s true. But the scenery more than makes up for it.

The marsh is also home to a visitor center, which features interesting displays and, best of all, a well-curated museum in the lower level. If you’re looking for a place to stay, the nearby city of Beaver Dam has several options. Or, if you’re more of a big-city person, Madison is about an hour south.


My top recommended gear for snowshoeing: Northern Lites snowshoes. These are super light and incredible. I recently switched from Atlas and won’t go back.

Book convenient lodging at Beaver Dam’s Holiday Inn Express & Suites here.

Or book a room at Madison’s too-cool Hotel Indigo, a boutique near the Capitol created from an old paint factory.


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