Country home with two Bigfoot cut-outs.
Dori was my shuttler again today, meeting me at a church-turned-community center in Sinking Spring for the shuttle back to Peebles. This day was going to be mostly road walking, so I hoped the dogs wouldn’t be too bad. I was in luck!

While there were a few dogs out today, none were aggressive. The trail led past more of southern Ohio’s beautiful countryside. In one spot, I passed a property – Wolford Holler – with no fewer than three Bigfoot cutouts hulking around. Ha! As I noted earlier, Ohio has had the fourth-most credible Bigfoot sightings in the nation, behind Washington, California and Florida. This may explain the plethora of Bigfoot cut-outs around.

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Making My Way Back to Sinking Spring

Shortly before lunch, the trail lead me to Serpent Mound, an effigy mound shaped like a snake. It looked well-maintained and like it would be really cool to see from above. Unfortunately, the park’s 1908 observation tower – which you’d normally climb in order to be able to fully see the serpent – is currently closed for repairs, which aren’t slated to begin until 2024. Rats. So I didn’t get a good view of it, nor any good photos.

After Serpent Mound, there were more scenic road walks, followed by a stretch of trail that wound through both woods and Meadow under a cloudy sky.meadow. At one point it began to rain, so I fished out the decorative backpack cover Diane purchased for me back in Milford, plus an old rain poncho for myself. The showers didn’t last too long, though.

Back in Sinking Spring, the community center was hosting a fish fry. I would have loved to have gone, but I needed to get my tent set up at the Butler Springs Christian Camp & Retreat, which allows hikers to camp there and use the restrooms. It was supposed to rain later on, so I wanted to get set up in time.

Pivoting with the Storm

Because rain was forecast, the Butler Springs folks said I could pitch my tent under the pavilion area outside their Snack Shack. But the minute I got my tent set up, a fierce gust of wind blew it over (plus the top off of my cooler and other things). Orange tent in a bathroom.An employee happened to be passing, so I asked if I could put my tent inside the Snack Shack, as it would keep blowing away otherwise (I couldn’t stake it out if I was to remain under the pavilion). He said no, due to health regulations (something about sleeping where food is prepared), but he did say I could put it in the building’s bathroom.

The camp isn’t open yet for the season, so the bathroom was a little crusty. Plus the water was off. Still, my tent just fit inside, which meant I’d be warm and dry tonight. The restroom open to campers also has showers with hot water – score! – so I lucked out tonight.




NCT Miles Today: 17.9 (28.8 km)
Ohio NCT miles to date: 456.4 (734.5 km)
Total NCT miles to date: 2,409.9 (3,878.4 km) 
Total NCT miles to go: 2,190.1 (3,524.6 km)

 My most useful items today: my Gregory rain cover and rain poncho. If you, too, want to own a Bigfoot cut-out, check out this one.


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