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This day was all about paved recreational trails. The state has an amazing network of such paths. I only had to look at the FarOut app once, as it was pretty easy to keep following the bike paths.

Making My Way to Island MetroPark

While there was little sunshine today, the day was brightened by the profusion of spring wildflowers. I don’t know my wildflowers very well, but I have the Seek app, which lets you easily identify them. So I kept snapping pictures and learning about the wildflowers here. Some of the ones I saw were Virginia bluebells, blue phlox, cream violets and Virginia spring beauty.

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I’m loving the history here, too. One interpretive sign talked about the National Road, authorized by Congress in 1806. It was American flags on a fence commemorating 9/11.essentially an early interstate highway to link the Ohio region with the East. I also passed a touching memorial to a local who died during 9/11.

Fun Before Reaching the End

At one point, I passed a giant measuring stick affixed to a tree. I’m sure it’s a flood gauge, but it seemed like a fun and random spot to measure your height. The trail also went past an old bridge, which was pretty cool.

The end of the day, at Island MetroPark, was great. It’s a pretty park with a lot of facilities, including restrooms (which I needed!).

As always, hiking rocks!


Woman in the woods by a flood gauge.
NCT Miles Today: 22.2 (35.7 km)

Ohio NCT miles to date: 217.1 (349.4 km)
Total NCT miles to date: 2,155.9 (3,469.6 km)

Total NCT miles to go: 2,444.1 (3,933.4 km)


Tonight I’m staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Troy. I highly recommend it for my standards: cleanliness, comfort and value.

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