I previously talked about how I wasn’t counting anything during my Ice Age Trail trek – miles down, miles to go, segments completed, counties passed through, etc. It seemed too overwhelming. Now that I’m finished, it seems fun. So here are some figures to consider:

  • Miles walked/run: Approximately 1,100 (1,770 km). (It’s hard to be exact, when you consider backtracking, new segments, shortcuts from the suggested connecting routes, etc.)
  • Toenails lost: 3 (almost 4) and counting
  • Pounds lost: 11(5 kg)
  • Pants worn: 0
  • Shoes rotated through: 6-8, plus 1 pair of Keen sandals
  • Bottles of bug spray used: 3
  • Honey Stinger Energy Waffles consumed: About 48
  • Honey Stinger Energy Chews consumed: About 24
  • Energy bars consumed: At least 35
  • Bags of cheese curds consumed: 3 (great trail snack, I’ve discovered)
  • Seroogy’s chocolate bars consumed: 35
  • Rainy days: 1
  • Days I was cold: A few hours at the end of 1 day
  • Days I was hot: 36
  • Times I cried (briefly) in frustration because I was lost: 1-2
  • Burrs picked off myself: Hundreds
  • Thru- and section-hikers I met: 7
  • Bears I saw: 4 (mother and 3 cubs, seen from our car)
  • Miles Ed and Maura put on our car crewing me: 2,800 (4,506 km)
  • Days I wore make-up or fixed my hair: 0
  • Days I wore my compression calf sleeves: 36
  • Number of days I loved what I was doing: Every. Single. Day!

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