Country road passing cattle.
I was hoping to have fewer miles today, since I hiked a little longer yesterday into Rothsay. But I didn’t. Still, I was hopeful. I had a long, flat road walk. Easy, right? Ha!

The entire day there was a 25 mph (40.2 kph) wind. Luckily, it was mostly at my right shoulder. Still, it was tiring. Plus, a lot of the roads were gravel/sand and squishy, which slows you down a bit.

Leaving Rothsay  Behind

Because of the intense wind, I was walking with my head down most of the day to avoid my hat flying off. So I couldn’t take in the scenery, although it was mostly farmland and uninteresting.

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I forgot to check the wind direction when I had to use the al fresco facilities the first time, so there was an incident, let’s just say. I’m sure you can image.

Twice toward the end of the day this same couple passed me in their truck, stopping to ask what I was doing. That was a Tiny, wooden post distraction.

I was also able to chat with all three of my kids, as they called me for Mother’s Day.

Settling Down for the Evening

Tonight I’m camped in Abercrombie, ND, at their town park. It’s quite nice. We’re able to use the bathroom in the museum that’s on the property, so I was able to wash up pretty well.

I’d intended to drive to a larger town nearby to do laundry and treat myself to dinner. But I was so exhausted when I got here, that I just washed a few essentials in my cooler. It was so windy, they dried very quickly. Then I ate some dehydrated chili I’d made.

I’m writing this in the museum while my devices charge. Lenny, the man in town who’s in charge of the park (as well as being a school teacher, bus driver and lots of other things), left the museum open until 9 p.m., so I was able to check it out. Small, but interesting.


MN NCT miles today: 22.1 (35.6 km)
MN NCT miles to date: 881.9 (1,419.3 km)
Total NCT miles to date: 2,900.4 (4,767.7 km) 
Total NCT miles to go: 1,699.6 (2,735.1 km)

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