Three hikers under a North Country Trail sign.
We were psyched for our final day, which would mostly be a road walk to the Hobart Township Hall. After all of the bugs and heat, we figured we’d avoid the former and hopefully combat the latter with cool breezes.

After dropping both cars, we headed out from the Hwy. 34 trailhead. (BTW, if you’re approaching this one from the west, it’s quite difficult to see, even though it’s a large trailhead. If coming from the east, there’s a sign and it’s also more visible.)

This was just a 2-mile (3.2 km) jog through the Holzhauer family’s property. There were several stiles to cross, as the family has 15 head of cattle. The middle section was a nice path across the field, where the owner waved to us from his tractor. The family even created a campsite here, too, which looked lovely.

Making My Way to Hobart Township Hall

Once we popped out on the road, our road walk began. The first several miles were great, as it was still cool and shady. There was a great breeze. At one point a motorcyclist pulled over on the shoulder where we were walking, Would we be harassed for hiking on the road? Nope. It was the Holzhauer landowner, who stopped to chat with us. What a nice guy!Woman hiker crossing a stile.

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The last few miles into Frazee were more challenging, as it was getting hot out. We passed what appeared to be a roadside memorial near a large pond/lake, which featured a cross, some kind of sports guard and a post with the words” Beast Mode.” Interesting.

We got some snacks in Frazee at the interestingly named “All in All” store, then passed the world’s largest turkey, whose construction was funded by two local turkey farmers.

Day Is Done

Got to the car by mid-afternoon, then repeated the car shuttles. During the drive to pick up the Eckerts’ car, Bruce Woman sitting at the base of a large turkey statue.researched the roadside memorial. Sadly, a high school wrestler slid off an icy road at that spot and was submerged in the frigid water for 20 minutes before his rescue. He died a month later. Before he wrestled, he’d say he was going into beast mode. So tragic.

We’re now in the AmericInn in Wadena, preparing to head home tomorrow morning. I’ve now got more than 2,800 miles (4,506.2 km) of the NCT under my backpack straps. Woo hoo!



MN NCT miles today: 15.8 (25.4 km)
MN NCT miles to date: 792.2 (1,274.9 km)
Total NCT miles to date: 2,810.7 (4,523.4 km) 
Total NCT miles to go: 1,789.3 (2,879.6 km)

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