Glimpse of Upper Teepee Lake.
Today’s trek to Lake Alice Trail was quite the challenge, both physically and mentally. We had a shorter day – just 15.5 miles (25 km) – but the temps were supposed to hit 92 F (33.3 C). We also hiked through a lot of overgrown areas, so …

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We had spent the previous night at the AmericInn in Park Rapids, which was great. It rained overnight, so we were glad not to be in our tent. But the rain brought with it humidity and more mosquitoes today. Ugh!

Making My Way to Lake Alice Trail

We headed out around 9 a.m., after dropping our cars. These shuttles take about an hour on each end. We tried to stay positive. It wasn’t always easy.

The mosquitoes were bad all day. The trail wound through many areas that were scrub, so you were hiking in between Man bushwhacking through scrub.dense trees and shrubs. This reduced the little air flow that was there, so it was suffocating at times. But that’s what you get hiking in the summer.

We passed a lot of lakes, but oftentimes they were mostly hidden by the vegetation, so not too much to see. Fortunately, we were able to lunch at a trailhead where there was airflow and shelter from the sun. I changed from hiking pants to a skort, as my pants were soaking wet.

Continuing to Forge Ahead

We hoped our second half of the day might be better, if the terrain improved. It didn’t. More overgrown spots, scrub and oppressive heat and humidity. The biggest joy today was eating more wild raspberries. YAY!

We’re camping two nights at Itasca State Park. Amy and I drove here in my car and set up what we could, which wasn’t Two couples enjoying wine at a camp.much. We both found a tick on us, but just one. Phew!

The guys were shuttling the other two cars. A tree was downed across one road they had to navigate, and Ed’s car made it, but Bruce’s didn’t because of their Yakima box strapped on top. Someone had to rescue them (still waiting to hear the details).

Even though I showered, it didn’t take. I’m still sweating. And lots of heat rash on my legs. The joy of hiking! 


MN NCT miles today: 15.5 (25 km)
MN NCT miles to date: 709.4 (1,141.7 km)
Total NCT miles to date: 2,727.9 (4,390.1 km) 
Total NCT miles to go: 1,872.1 (3,012.9 km)

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