Today we faced a nearly 50-kilometer hike. Intense. But what countryside! We left Granja and wandered throughout gorgeous land before coming upon the Esla River and the old Roman bridge spanning it. We crossed that as Maura noted the opposing cliffs were like Devil’s Lake in Wisconsin. Ha! Little did she know the Camino runs around and up those hills, so we experienced a hike/climb very similar to what we do at Devil’s Lake.

One exciting stop was Faramontanos de Tábara, where we ate our lunch outside the ayuntamiento (city hall) and realized we could tap into its free WiFi.

Heading out from Faramontanos, we crossed major highway construction that’s been underway since I last came through (fall 2011), and then some flooded areas that required smarts (me taking off my shoes and wading) or guts (Maura leaping across small chasms).

We made it to Tábara in time to take out some $$ from an ATM, then were under the gun to get to Santa Croya de Tera before it got too dark/late out.


Maura started to feel some tendonitis, so we couldn’t run much. Plus the highway construction areas were a bit confusing. Got to Santa Croya around 7 pm, but then some minor (but time-consuming) confusion with plans for our overnight stay. Long story short, ate dinner at 10 pm, headed to bed right after and are excited to see what tomorrow brings.

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