When I first learned about El Caminito del Rey, I was incredibly intrigued. For this hiking path in southern Spain consists of narrow boardwalk attached to the sides of cliffs in many spots. Yikes! When I saw photos, it looked terrifying. Well, if you’re afraid of heights, that is. And I am.

But I’m also someone who likes to push my boundaries and stretch myself a little. You know, someone who ascribes to that saying, “Do something that scares you.” So I decided to head to Spain and hike this path.

You can read about my trek along this famous five-mile path by clicking on the link below. I won’t give away any details, but suffice it to say my palms were sweating in certain sections. But I also came away with some pretty cool photos.

Planning Your El Caminito Hike

If reading this story makes you interested in hiking El Caminito, I’ve got one piece of advice: Do your homework! Only 300,000 people can hike on the path every year, and it’s so popular tickets sell out quickly. Be aware, too, that when you read it’s in Málaga, that’s Málaga province, not the city of Málaga. El Caminito is about an hour’s drive northwest of the city of Málaga. So if you’re a visitor, that generally means renting a car, taking a cab or taking the train. The train is the most affordable, but it runs on a limited schedule.

While the trail is safe today – it’s undergone a major refurbishment – there still is some risk involved. If the weather is poor, for example, the trail may be closed. So keep that in mind, too. When it’s time for your hike, make sure to take comfy shoes and plenty of water. Then, enjoy!

P.S. El Caminito is NOT the same trail as El Camino de Santiago.

My top gear recommendation for hiking El Caminito: A comfy hydration pack like this one by CamelBak. I have a few CamelBaks in different sizes and I love them all. Use this, and you can keep your hands free to hold the railing or your phone/camera. Plus, by using a hydration bladder versus a string bag, you won’t have something on your back that keeps swinging back and forth from the weight of a water bottle inside. Finally, using a hydration bladder means your water is at your fingertips. You don’t have to take your pack or bag off to get at your water.

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