The Border Route Trail is a 65-mile hiking trail that runs through the Boundary Waters. Specifically, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, or BWCAW, which lies between Minnesota and Ontario, Canada. Many people canoe the BWCAW, but very few people hike the Border Route Trail, or BRT. And that’s a shame.

The BRT takes you up and down the cliffs that tower over the Boundary Waters, giving you an overview of the numerous lakes below. I’m sure the sights are awesome from the seat of a kayak or canoe, too. But if you love the scenery, why don’t you give the trail a try?

If you’re willing, be prepared. Since it’s so lightly traveled, the path can be very overgrown and difficult to navigate. It doesn’t help that the Boundary Waters is a wilderness area, where power tools aren’t allowed. That means maintainers have to trim back the fast-growing vegetation with hand saws and clippers, which is incredibly time-consuming.

For a sense of what the trail is like, check out this article.

P.S. These calf sleeves are indispensable on trails like the BRT. They keep overgrown vegetation from scratching your legs to bits, plus are warm when it’s cool or cold out. In warm weather, pairing these with shorts is much cooler than hiking in pants.

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