Looking for some place to travel during America’s off-season? Then consider Washington, D.C. 

While D.C. is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations, the vast majority of leisure travelers stop in between mid-March (the start of the popular National Cherry Blossom Festival) and the end of July. But if you visit during the winter, you’ll find a peaceful aura and lack of frenzy. That means you can take in every attraction at a pleasurable, leisurely pace.

When my husband and I visited one February, there were no lines. Anywhere. Not for the Washington Monument, not for the Library of Congress, not in front of the Declaration of Independence. It was heaven.

Others Perks of the Off-Season

Every February, the D.C. area runs deals on lodging, attractions and restaurants in an effort to lure travelers. What’s not to like about that? It’s easy to hail an Uber or Lyft during the winter, too. Oh, and an off-season visit also means you won’t have to experience D.C.’s notorious summer heat and humidity. And you’re more likely to be able to book popular tours, such as Viator’s D.C. Night Tour or its Customized/Private Guided Tours

There are a few drawbacks to a winter visit, I’ll be honest. It’s winter, so plants aren’t blooming. While I think temperatures in the 30s or 40s are fine – I’m from Wisconsin, after all – people from warm-weather climes might find this unpleasant. And there aren’t as many food trucks operating around the National Mall. (But you can still find some.)

In the end, it may come down to your schedule. Or hey, maybe you like the excitement of crowds. But if you like the idea of not waiting in endless lines and saving some money, winter in Washington, D.C. may be just the ticket. So grab a guidebook and start planning!

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