Three women pose for a photo on the Natchez Trace near French Camp.
Today’s goal was French Camp, about 20 miles (32.2 km) up the parkway. Last night, the weather forecast called for rain/thunderstorms overnight and into today, tapering to “just” rain by the end of the day. I wasn’t sure what I’d do re: hiking, as it would depend on the severity of the storms. Well, apparently the severe weather moved south overnight, along with much of the rain.

So when I woke up this morning, it was simply to cloudy skies. I hit the parkway around 8:30, and did an 8.6-mile (13.8-km) out-and-back to Hurricane Creek, where there was a short nature trail. En route, I ran into a biker from Ohio, who I’d spoken with yesterday. He’s a retired guy riding a recumbent trike, festooned with a flag and pinwheel. I love fun people! His wife is supporting him along the way.

Right before Hurricane Creek, two women pulled over and asked if I needed anything. Long story short, the driver had hiked across America 20 years ago and is passionate about helping hikers. We took photos together and she insisted on giving me $20, since she’d been helped by so many people during her adventure. Her friend also gave me tissues and candy. What a fun encounter! There are so many wonderful people in this world, and we must never forget that.

Hitting French Camp in the AfternoonCypress swamp on the Natchez Trace.

When I returned to my motel (America Best Value Inn) around 11:30, it was to a steady rain. I took the next hour off to catch up on work. Then, when the rain tapered off, I drove up to Cole Creek and did another out-and-back to French Camp so I’d hit my goal of at least 20 miles (32.2 km). I wish I could have hiked all original miles, rather than out-and-backs. But there are no trail angels for this trail, and no taxis in Kosciusko, so you have to be creative.

Cole Creek, by the way, is home to a very cool cypress swamp.

Tomorrow night my friend, Amy Eckert, will be joining me for the rest of my hike. I’m so stoked!


P.S. I saw a fighter jet today, so there must be a military group nearby.

Natchez Trace Miles Today: 18.8 (30.3 km)
NT Miles Overall: 181.7 (292.2 km)
NT Miles To Go: 262.3 (422.1 km)

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A good book on the Natchez Trace is Nashville to New Orleans Road Tripa Moon guide by Meg Littman that includes info on the Trace.

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