Yes, another scorcher. But I decided to embrace the heat. I was actually lucky — there was a fairly strong breeze all day that made the heat more bearable.

Whitewater Lake was a beautiful segment, especially when traversed early in the day, when the heat wasn’t so bad. 

love the Flowing Well, which has been gushing since the 1800s, the sign says. I told Ed not to fill our water jugs at the hotel, but to save them for the well. The water is so cold and pure and wonderful. So that was a nice stop after finishing the Southern Kettle.

The Clover Valley segment looked pretty, but was fairly overgrown. There were places where the brush was over my head, and my legs got pretty scratched up.

I loved hiking the newly re-done Storrs Lake segment, especially since in 2013 I couldn’t finish the whole thing due to a significantly flooded area. It was beautiful! Good job, IATA.

Ed found an ice cream spot in Milton that had great soft-serve. I haven’t eaten this much ice cream in ages, but gosh, it’s sure good when you’re hiking in 90-degree temps!

Finished the day hiking part of the Janesville segment. 


I think of the IAT in three main segments: Sturgeon Bay to Janesville, Janesville to Antigo and Antigo to St. Croix Falls. Hitting Janesville means I’ve completed the eastern third of the trail. Woo Hoo!

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