Today started off crisp and cool. As soon as we started hiking we ran into a large group of hikers. They were part of a club and/or Meet-Up group. One woman had lived in Appleton for a while, so that was fun.

There aren’t many spots to camp along the NET, but we found one here. We knew Parks would be camping here, so we scoped it out for him. It was spacious and quite nice.

As always in Connecticut NET hiking, the trail led us up some mountains — first West Suffield and Peak Mountains — where we enjoyed lovely views. There’s always a scenic spot to take a break or have lunch on this trail, that’s for sure.

Around noon we ran into a dad and his 5-year-old son, Fisher. They were hiking several miles of the trail, and Fisher could keep up. It was pretty impressive!

Stubs and I ate lunch by this stone fireplace in the woods. We’ve seen several of them now, so it seems there were lots of cabins up on the mountaintops at one time. I wonder what it was like to live there?

We ended the day hiking through Talcott Mountain State Park, and saw many families, couples and singles out for hikes. We had seen Parks earlier in the day, and he said to make sure and see the Heublein Tower, which is in the park. The trail passes right by it, he told us, but unfortunately it was closed when Parks passed it. Fisher’s dad also told us to see the tower (tours are free).

Parks said the tower closed at 5 p.m. When Stubs and I got near, we realized it would come down to the wire. So we hiked two miles up the mountain as fast as we could, and got to the tower four minutes before it closed. Panting, we asked the attendants if we could still get in. They said yes.

We were so excited until we realized that meant we had to sprint up five or six flights of stairs to reach the tower look-out, take in the views, and get back down so they could close up. Ouch! We didn’t get to see the museum displays, but apparently some man built this home/tower for his wife. He is somehow behind A-1 steak sauce and Smirnoff vodka.

Our hike ended around a reservoir, where the path was pretty flat. YES!

Map Miles: 21.2
Map Miles to Date: 136.8
iPhone Miles: 21.2
iPhone Miles to Date: 134.7
Steps: 52,654
Steps to Date: 342,348
Flights Walked: 192
Flights to Date: 1,237

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