Every day on the trail brings some kind of adventure.

Today my older daughter, Molly, was crewing me. We started out having a great time in Kewaskum (both segments), and then the start of West Bend. I had a craving for ice cream, and told Molly that the trail crossed a major road in the beginning, and that maybe there would be a McDonald’s where we could get 49-cent cones. As I came down the hill near this crossing, I saw a Dairy Queen and started laughing out loud like a kid. A second later I spied a Culver’s, and whooped out loud as I ran down the hill.

But Molly wasn’t there waiting.

I looked around the parking lots a bit, and worried she’d misunderstood and gone to the next trail parking spot. I went to call her and realized I’d made a rookie mistake — I’d left my phone in the car with her, assuming I wouldn’t need it. I spied a woman getting out of her car, and ran over and asked to use her phone. I called Molly, but got no answer so I left a message saying I was continuing on, hoping she’d be at the next parking spot. 

She wasn’t.

Her phone is old and cranky; what if it wasn’t working and she never got my message? I could probably find water if I kept going, but I had no food and was getting hungry. Rookie mistake #2: I didn’t have any money on me. 

I passed the next West Bend parking lot and she wasn’t there, either. But thank goodness she was at the third! Apparently she’d gone up the trail to meet me back at the ice cream stop — about 3 minutes after I’d ran by I-scream-you-scream-we-all-scream-for-ice-creaming. 

The rest of the day was nice, although it was too sunny and too hot for a long hike. But Molly found Jim’s Place in Slinger, right on the trail, and got us the BEST ICE CREAM EVER! Wow, was it good. Way better than a McDonald’s cone for sure. Even better than Culver’s. 

I saw about six deer in the Holy Hill section, including a buck. 

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