The Northern Kettle in one day — phew! 

Today my college friend and roommate, Mary Jo, took a day off to crew me. I started a mile or two shy of the Greenbush segment near Elkhart Lake. Then I rolled right through the Northern Kettle.

It was a beautiful day, if hot and humid. But at least I was in the shaded forest the entire time. I was so impressed with the Parnell esker. I don’t remember noticing it as much coming the other way. Or maybe I was extra tired that day. Who knows. But the entire stretch was so pretty.

Mary Jo was waiting for me in the Butler Lake parking area and a forest ranger, I think it was, began running her plates! She explained she was crewing a friend who was walking the entire Ice Age Trail, and he said, “Well, that’s ambitious!”

There weren’t too many mosquitoes out, so that was great. But the ones that were still buzzing around all seemed to fly up my left nostril. Only the left one. What’s that about?!

Here are some things I’ve learned so far.

* Ice is magical.
* Ladies, put some Saran wherever your bra chafes — it’s way better than Body Glide or petroleum jelly or anything I’ve ever used.
* Cheese curds and string cheese are great trail food. The salt is good for you, plus the protein is filling.

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