Judy slept in again today while I headed out to the trail early. I had nearly 8 miles of hiking along SR 20 to start the day. I was hoping that since this was Sunday, there would be little traffic. I’d say the traffic was moderate. But the temperature was cool, so all was good.

At one point a man in a truck slowed down and asked if I needed water. I thought that was awfully nice. Turns out he was a trail volunteer on his way to the weekend work project. He knew I was Snowshoe and kept offering water or food. What a nice guy!

Judy was heading out from the hotel just as I entered about 9 miles of trail in the Pine Log State Forest. She was going to come in from the other end and meet me.

The first few miles weren’t much of anything — just walking along power lines parallel to the highway. Still, it wasn’t walking on the highway and the noise was much reduced, so I appreciated it. After 2.2 miles of this, the real trail began.

It was a nice mix of pine forest, creeks, titi and swampland. I passed through the Sand Pond Campground at one point, also very scenic.

Unfortunately Judy couldn’t find the trail, so she only ended up hiking some side roads. Oh well.

The last 4.9 miles was along SR 20 again. Ugh. There was lots of traffic now. Oh well, that’s the hiking life.


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