Pedestrian bridge over highway with mountains in the distance, near Rockwood, Penn.
Today’s trek to Rockwood was an easy one. I took my time this morning, since the hike was a mere 12 miles (19.3 km), or about four hours of walking. I once again had my bags shuttled forward; why not slackpack when you can?

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The day was mostly cloudy, windy and decidedly cool. Finally! I’ll be in perfect shape once I pick up the Prana hiking pants Maura shipped ahead to Ohiopyle for me. But I was fine in my shorts. Only my arms got a little chilly. Still – not complaining at all!

Making My Way to Rockwood

Almost as soon as I started out, I came across a large tree downed across the path. That’s common on singletrack hiking trails, but not on cycling paths. It must have come down overnight. I was able to easily step on/over it, but several cyclists biked up and were in for a harder time.

After that, it was pretty smooth sailing. There were quite a few Small waterfall alongside a hiking trail.waterfalls along the trail, which made for a pretty hike. There were a lot of benches, too, unlike the C&O, so I had plenty of places to stop. At one point, I crossed a pretty long bridge over the interstate and a river. It was super windy crossing that! Around 2 p.m., I arrived in town.

Husky Haven

I’m staying at the Husky Haven Campground. It’s a little odd in that the campground is right on the trail, but you have to walk another half-mile (1 km) into town to access the showers and laundry, which are in the property’s guesthouse. Since my bags were delivered to the guesthouse, I passed my campsite – which features a pavilion and two picnic tables – and made my way to the guesthouse.

Face craved into a tree stump alongside a cycling trail.
I’d had my final food box sent here. Uh-oh. I honestly don’t know if I can carry all of the food I need. I guess the worst-case scenario is that I buy a few more provisions in Ohiopyle. I’ll get there in two days, and there’s an REI-type store right before the Laurel Highlands Trail. Food is so darn heavy!

I showered right away here at Husky Haven so I don’t have to keep hiking back and forth from the campsite, then washed my clothes. They’re in the dryer now. Once those are finished, I’m mailing home one box of food and assorted heavy items, like the mosquito repellent I shouldn’t need, now that it’s going to be cold out. Then it’ll be an early dinner in town so I can hike back to my pavilion site. I’d booked that in case of rain.


Today’s Miles: 12.6 (20.3 km)
PHT Miles to Date: 682.2 (1,097.9 km)
PHT Miles to Go: =67.8 (109.1 km)

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