Today’s goal was to make it through, and beyond, La Budde Creek in Elkhart Lake. But let me first say this.  Enough with the heat already! Phew. Had to get that out of my system.

It was another uncomfortable day in the 70s F (low 20s C) with full sun. Lots of water dumps on my head and muttered curses. I’m actually looking forward to the rain predicted for the next few days. Or so I say now.

So I finished up all of Kettle Moraine this morning, much of it along the course of the Glacial Trail 50K, which I’ve run five times, I believe. I can’t believe I raced on that trail. Now, to my weary, battered feet, it seems too rocky and unsafe for running. Ha!

Entering La Budde Creek

La Budde Creek is just southeast of Elkhart Lake. It was kind of a scruffy path that wound through prairie and forest, but didn’t seem to afford any great views. Maybe it was just the timing; the prairie was likely more impressive a few weeks earlier.

This afternoon I knocked off about 16 miles (25.8 km) of a +30-mile (+48.3-km) connecting route. I really am enjoying this one. The roads aren’t too traffic-choked, for one, and the hills are very gentle and runnable. Scenery’s great, too.

Once, while my parents were pulled over on the side of the road waiting for me to run up, a sheriff’s deputy pulled up to make sure they were O.K. They said they were waiting for their daughter, who was doing the Ice Age Trail. The guy said, “Oh, the woman in the bright orange shirt?” Glad that birthday present from Ed makes me so visible.

Some guy ran past me in the La Budde Creek area. He said, “How many miles have you done so far?” I thought about his question for a few seconds, then said, “About 1,000.” He said, “No, I mean today. I’ve seen you on another road earlier.” He didn’t react at all to the 1,000-mile comment. He must have thought I meant I’ve run or walked 1,000 miles (1,609 km) in my lifetime, or perhaps in this calendar year. He didn’t get it. No one I’ve met does.

Hiking and Weight Loss

So let’s discuss weight, every woman’s favorite topic. Before I started the IAT, various friends told me I had to make sure I ate enough so I didn’t waste away. I assured them I wouldn’t, as I had experience with long treks due to the Camino. Then, just a week into my trek, I had to go on a strong antibiotic. It made me all puffy in the face, plus gave me a bloated gut. I sure didn’t look like I was wasting away.

But when my chiropractor and massage therapist came to work on me, both commented that they could see all sorts of bones and muscles that hadn’t been visible before. So I took a good look at myself in the mirror. UGH. From the waist up, I’m fairly skeletal. Anatomy students could easily identify all the bones in my entire rib cage. Of course the hefty Radzicki thighs haven’t changed much. Anyway, I’m going to guess I’m down about 10 pounds (4.5 kg). And now I know how I’d look if I was a contestant on Survivor. I will definitely enjoy putting those pounds back on starting next week.


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