Today’s first segment was Timberland Hills, a ski area. There was some standing water here, but nothing too bad. I saw the famous mermaid carving, but I missed the skull nailed to the tree (maybe it’s only visible hiking west-east). Saw a lot of deer here, and they were running away faster than any deer I’ve ever seen. Most stare at you a bit, then scamper away. These acted like I was shooting at them.

Sand Creek was sandy. There also seemed to be a lot of either logging or some kind of construction going on. A lot of signage indicated I was now in Polk County.

Indian Creek was just gorgeous. It was the perfect kind of trail, meandering through the woods, passing a burbling creek, nothing too strenuous.

I ended the day doing about half of McKenzie Creek, which was just as pretty as Indian Creek. I could see the creek much more clearly than during my 2013 hike, when I passed it at the end of August and there was a lot more foliage around. There are some steep hills in this one. I think I was climbing an esker or two.

Tonight Dean Dversdall of the Indianhead chapter gave me a lift back to my car. Dean will shepherd me to the end, which is right around the corner!

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