Another gorgeous day on the trail. I had planned to finish my thru-hike today, but I’m several days behind schedule. So I have no one to crew me starting Monday. My hubby, Ed, drove my car up today so I’ll have wheels the next few days, then rode back home with Doug. Then my son, Tim, crewed me for the day. 

Both Harwood Lakes and Chippewa Moraine are some of my favorite trails. They’re typically not overgrown, aren’t too steep and are just pretty. I really enjoyed hiking those.

The connecting route to Weyerhauser wasn’t too bad to walk, as it passes many lakes and vacation properties, which are fun to gawk at. But Tim once pulled my car over on the shoulder of a country road to wait for me, and that particular part of the road had a steep drop-off that he didn’t notice. Long story short, the car nearly tipped on its side. He flagged down a local to take him to a bar, where he tried unsuccessfully to contact AAA to tow the car out (AAA never answered his call). Some guys at the bar heard his story and drove out with their truck and pulled my car to safety. Gotta love Northern Wisconsin folks!

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