Today was an easy 17-miler. Or so it seemed. The weather forecast was for rain all day. The minute we got out of the car to start hiking, the heavens opened up. It wasn’t too bad, though, as it was warm/humid. And I had purchased a poncho and umbrella at a Walgreen’s before we left. I had my own umbrella with me yesterday, but lost it during the hike. 🙁 And I forgot to pack my poncho.

It only rained an hour or so. After that, the entire day was mostly fine — just some drizzles now and then. Our last 30 minutes were in a deluge, but not a big deal since we were almost at our car. However, I did suffer some bad chafing because even if it only rains a little, and you have a poncho and umbrella, you still can get really wet.

Rain aside, the trail went up on some awesome ridges. The views obviously would have been WAY better in sunshine, but they were still stunning in clouds.

I have to admit here that the NET is quite tough. The Ice Age Trail has lots of uphill, but nothing like this. It seems like all we’re doing it walking uphill, and up really steep hills. Plus the terrain is really rocky. Not good on a rainy day, when rocks become very slick. Our pace is really slow on this terrain. My quads are trashed on day 3.

But, of course, we’ll persevere. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Snowshoe and Stubs

Map Miles: 17
Map Miles to Date: 56.6
iPhone Miles: 16.9
iPhone Miles to Date: 55.1
Steps: 43,223
Steps to Date: 140,191
Flights Walked: 214
Flights to Date: 525

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