Dirt road in New Mexico.
I was pretty excited to hike to Pie Town today and stay at its famous Toaster House. Last night was pretty cold – I’m guessing in the upper 30s F (=3.3 C). It wasn’t too bad sleeping, but getting up before dawn wasn’t fun. Neither was taking down my tent, as the metal poles were freezing and flared up my Raynaud’s Syndrome.

Last night in my tent, I heard this unusual animal noise I’ve been hearing for a while but just haven’t been able to place. Last night I suddenly realized – duh – it’s the sound of elk bugling. So I enjoyed that last night.

Making My Way to the Toaster House

It quickly warmed up on my trek NOBO to Pie Town. It was all on a relatively nice dirt road, although it was pretty hilly, mostly in an uphill way. Rats. It was also almost all under a full sun.

Two cyclists said hi, followed by a third who stopped to chat, Earthlin’. Earthlin’ said the other two were from Europe, and all Home with a rock cairn in front.had stayed at the Toaster House last night. I’m glad it’s still open. The owner passed away and there was some discussion as to whether it would still be available for hikers and cyclists.

Day Heats Up

It got pretty warm during my trek. And once again my pack seemed to weight a million pounds. Not sure if my disenchantment with these last few weeks is my age, my worry about my parents, the trail or what. 

Reached Pie Town around 3:30. Its post office was closed, so I’ll have to grab my resupply box tomorrow morning. The Toaster House was empty. I took a nice, hot shower (accompanied by two fat spiders) and washed some of my quick-dry clothes, then hung them out to dry.  

Carry-out food on a table.Several of the restaurants I’d seen advertised are now closed (rats), but I was able to snag some quiche and a HUGE piece of turtle pie at the Pie-O-Neer restaurant.

Back at the Toaster House

Tonight I was joined by Sarah, aka Dr. Grant, a CDT thru-hiker. We’ll have to trade trail intel. It’s supposed to be 38 F (3.3 C) tonight, so I’ll be glad to be inside a house, even if it’s unheated. Oh – a bunch of additional guests just arrived, all guys. Interestingly, we all have connections to Wisconsin and/or Minnesota.



Today’s Miles: 19 mi (30.6 km)
CDT Miles to Date: 404.5 (651 km)
CDT Miles to Go: 2,695.5 (4,338 km)

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