Today dawned sunny and warm. I started on a +20-mile connecting route to Cornell. It wasn’t too bad. At one point an Amish buggy passed, with the young driver singing a lovely song. Since it was hot again, and I haven’t had ice cream in a while, Doug got me a cone in Cornell. It was good, but not as good at that place in Slinger! 

Doug explored the town, and said there were some nice coffee shops and artistic places, plus lots of cyclists. Wonder if there’s a popular bike trail in the area? I enjoyed crossing the bridge and seeing the — gosh, what was it? A historic lumber stacker or something like that? 

Hiked the Chippewa River segment while taking in views of Brunet Island State Park. I must visit that park sometime. It looks quite pretty.

The start of Firth Lake was a big difficult, as you go through a pasture where it’s sort of hard to see the trail markers. Plus there was cow poop everywhere. And I mean everywhere. But the rest was nice.

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