Uphill road near pines.
I’m so over this year’s CDT section-hike! Today actually began quite well. The first 16 or so miles (25.8 km) were the end of the northern section of the Gila River Alternate, and all of it was a road walk. It began downhill, then went uphill. Still, I made good time.

I struck out with water at a solar well, but flagged down some guys later, who gave me a small bottle of water and one of tea. Later, I scored more water from a barely flowing creek and a covered well. So far, so good. And then everything went to heck.

Heading for the Official CDT

The Gila River Alternate merged back with the official CDT in the afternoon. But immediately there were problems. A wildfire had Wildfire-ravaged hiking trail and hillside.gone through this area, so once again the trail was hard to find without having your app out every second.

It was also overgrown with prickly vegetation that snagged and tore at my backpack and tent. When I got off the burned area, it was super hilly. Water was again an issue.

I’m just not feeling it since Cuba. I don’t need this stress. Tomorrow I have to hike about 18 miles (29 km) to get to the highway and my ride to Reserve. If I can figure out a way to bail, I will.


Today’s Miles: 22.3 (35.9 km)
CDT Miles to Date: 346.9 (558.3 km)
CDT Miles to Go: 2,753.1 (4,430.7 km)

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