When I originally hit the Western Bifurcation, I hiked the Baraboo segment to end one day. The next day, I hiked the last 12.5 miles of the bifurcation and continued on on the trails because I was having problems with a hot spot on the bottom of one foot (and possibly cellulitis) and wanted to be on trails. Now, back home, I drove back up to Baraboo and started in on the road segment.

I enjoyed going through the Dells area, including Mirror and Rocky Arbor State Parks. I was disappointed, though, that when I was hiking around the Lemonweir/Wisconsin River area you couldn’t see any water – just trees or cornfields. Still, it was a pleasant day.

Trail Angel Tess Mulroony was not only kind enough to shuttle me back to my car, but she brought along ice and ice cream (she’s been reading my blog!).

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