Today’s destination was making it through the Sauk Point segment. But that wasn’t the original plan. You see, after a lovely night in a Spring Brook condo in the Dells, I had to make another visit to Urgent Care this morning. Yep, another skin infection, this time on my other foot. I’m getting quite the collection of hospital bracelets, which Urgent Care centers make you wear. So more antibiotics. Sigh.

Anyway, because it’s a Sunday, the Urgent Care didn’t open until mid-morning. The physician who saw me is also a hiker, and he said to go ahead and hike. Which I would have done anyway. Because this time I didn’t have a fever. I just noticed the same redness and yucky infected smell.

After Urgent Care, my baby sister. Alison, and sister-in-law, Michele, came up to crew me, along with their trusty dog, Dunkin. Almost the entire day was a road route from Portage to the Devil’s Lake area, and Alison and Michele (plus Dunkin) rotated walking with me. Gosh, did that make the miles go by faster!

Reaching Sauk Point

At he end of the day, we reached the Sauk Point segment, a lovely stretch that takes you on top of a bluff and then down again.

It’s amazing how the trails – how nature – impacts you. I had a great time walking with Alison and Michele, but the minute I got on the trails, it was so peaceful. Your body just relaxes, your heart rate slows and it’s just such a different experience. It’s hard to explain.

But get out on a trail today and see what I mean! You won’t regret it. Walking is very therapeutic, and walking in nature is even more so. Loads of studies back this up.

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