I must have been quite dehydrated yesterday. Today was just as hot, but I had a great day, thanks in large part to my friend Peggy, who came up from Sun Prairie to crew me. 

My hike through the Dells of the Eau Claire and Plover River were wonderful. Those are two of my favorite sections. How can you not enjoy waterfalls, or rocks and trees dripping with beautiful, green moss? 

There was one spot in the Dells that was a bit confusing. A bridge is being reconstructed and a sign says the trail is closed, but you can cross the road/bridge area and continue on the IAT.

After Plover River, I had a 24-mile connecting route. I did 22 miles following Peggy in her SUV. Every two miles she’d stop her car, and I’d see its hatch open before me. When I jogged up, she had a spread of gourmet sandwiches, fruit, cheese, nuts and chocolates laid out for me. I’d eat what appealed to me, then go on another two miles. It was amazing!

Ended the day a few miles past Rabe Lake, a very pretty spot.

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