Sign saying "Little Hell Hunt Club Posted" on Florida Trail to Lake Butler.

Ten-Miler had to go home today, when I’ll be heading toward Lake Butler. So she first helped me drop my car at the finish point, then drove me to my starting point. I wasn’t looking forward to walking along more of the rail-trail, as yesterday’s portion was so rocky. But today wasn’t too bad. Yes, there were still some rocky stretches. But there were quite a few stretches with soft dirt or grass.

The day wasn’t too hot (80), and it was partly cloudy, so overall it was pleasant. At one point the path takes you off the rail-trail and up onto State Highway 100 for a mile or so because a bridge is out on the rail-trail. When you get back on, it’s a paved path the rest of the way into town.

Walking through Lake Butler was pleasant, and the day ended with about six miles on Highway 100 heading west out of Lake Butler. That wasn’t the greatest, naturally, but it is what it is.

Looking forward to tomorrow, which should be real TRAIL!


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